Comp Registrations coming soon.


  • Open Male

  • Open Female

  • Youth Male (13 to 16yrs)

  • Youth Female (13 to 16yrs)

  • Child (12yrs and Under)

  • Ball Pop Open


Online registrations coming soon.

Check In

Practice Sessions

Qualifying Sessions


Prize Giving
Straight after the Finals


Check In
Check in to collect your competitor’s wristband at the NZ Bomb Comp tent anytime during the event.

Qualifying sessions
In each division each competitor will complete 1 x Bomb of their choice, these can be completed anytime during the qualifying session. From this the panel of judges will create a short list of competitors to proceed to the finals.

Again each competitor will do 2 x Bombs of their choice with each division bombing together.

Judging Criteria

Each Bomb will be judged out of 100 points:

  • Height of Splash: 60 points

  • Style: 20 points

  • Volume of splash: 10 points

  • Originality: 10 points

  • Ball Pop - Maximum height of ball



Entry Fees


Other Notes

  • To secure a place in the Comp it is recommended you register online to make sure you’re guaranteed a spot.

  • Ball Pop competitors to provide their own ball.

  • You can enter the Ball Pop as well as another division.

  • Semi Finals will be held depending on the number of registered competitors in each division.

  • A variety of platform heights will be available.

  • The judges decision will be final.

  • You can go up a division but not down a division i.e. 14 year old can enter the Open division.

NZBC Tower Rules

  • If you can’t swim, you can’t bomb.

  • Make sure your landing is clear before you bomb.

  • Only one bomber at a time.

  • No bombing under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • Running isn’t cool. Walk only.

  • Only bomb from the designated platforms.

  • Notify Crew of any medical issues.

  • Parents/guardians must supervise their children.

  • All participants bomb at their own risk.

  • By following these rules you’ll have a great day, if not you can’t bomb.

By bombing off structure you agree not to take any legal action against the organisers, their staff or volunteers, other participants or sponsors in relation to any injury or loss suffered by you as a result of participating, however such loss or injury occurs.