‘NZME’ means all companies in the NZME Group including but not limited to APN Holdings NZ Limited, NZME. Publishing Limited, NZME Radio Limited, GrabOne Limited and all brands and operating companies controlled by or associated with those as well as NZ Bomb Comp.

The ‘Promoter’ is NZME.


o   The Promoter reserves the right to close the venue at any time, including (but not limited to) where there are any safety or security concerns.

o   The Promoter is not responsible for the actions of any event attendee.

o   The Promoter reserves the right to remove people from the event if deemed intoxicated, or a risk to themselves or others.

o   The Promoter can make changes to the event at any time, including to the time, duration and maximum capacity.

o   In the event that weather or other unforeseen circumstances affect the safety of attendees, the Promoter reserves the right to cancel the event.

o   This event is alcohol and drug free. The Promoter and associated partners do not encourage the consumption of alcohol or drugs within or around the event.

o   The Promoter will be controlling crowd entry and movement. Admission to the event is at the sole discretion of the Promoter, The NZ Bomb Comp, and partners.

o   By attending the NZ Bomb Comp you consent to to multiple media organisations filming and photographing (inc. the use of drones) the event which may include your image. The footage may be re-used for promotional purposes by these parties on any medium without any consideration or recourse available to you.


o   Vendors will be dealing mainly with EFTPOS.

o   Only small transactions will be taking place.

o   Access to areas with cash will be highly restricted.

Consumption of Drugs and Alcohol

o   No alcohol or drugs will be permitted onsite;

o   The Promoter and Security shall monitor the public on site, so far as is reasonably practicable (Sfairp), and will take appropriate action should a member of the public be suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  Intoxicated persons may be escorted from the event at the discretion of the Promoter and/or security, and not permitted reentry;

o   Only prescription medication is permitted onsite at any time. Members of the public who are, at the discretion of the Promoter and/or security, found or likely to be  under either the influence of illegal drugs or substances will be escorted from site and not permitted reentry. The Promoter and/or security  may contact the Police;

o   Workers have signed code of conduct agreements;

o   Workers [and Contractors] taking prescribed medication must provide evidence prior to the event that they are fit for work and not a liability to themselves or other members of staff.

Children Onsite

o   There are no age restrictions for the bomb comp, however there will be height requirements to use the 8 meter and 10 meter platforms.

o   No children under 16 are permitted on site for the entire duration of build-up & breakdown of the Event;

o   Workers, Contractors and Security will be briefed to ensure that they maintain a high degree of vigilance to maintain the site as a ‘child friendly zone’. This is especially important during the open period when large numbers of children will be onsite;

o   A ‘lost child’ procedure will be in place for the Event. All Workers, Organisers and Security will be briefed on what do in the event that either a child is found or is reported lost;

o   Parents will be asked to describe what the child was wearing;

o   Only when staff are satisfied that the parent is the guardian that they will be taken to the child;

o   If there is any doubt that parent and child do not belong to each other then the local Police will be called;

o   Security will be onsite for the complete duration of the event;

o   Parents or guardians will be required to supervise their children at all times, particularly if they are in or around water.

Emergency Procedures

o   The Event’s Emergency Procedures have been supplied to all Staff, Security and Contractors and safety briefings will take place on site;

o   Mobile phones will be used by workers and radios will be used by Security;

o   The Promoter will ensure that communications are maintained at a high level for the duration of the event;

o   The Promoters will ensure that all workers and contractors are made aware of their individual responsibilities, and that they have been trained to carry them out.

First Aid Facilities

o   Two trained medics will be available during the duration of the Event.  First Aid facilities will be provided onsite.

o   A log of all accidents using Safeguard Me shall be maintained and made available to the Promoters;

o   An adequate number of Workers, Contractors and Security will be first aid trained;

o   The Promoter will have the contact details of local emergency services on hand.

Vehicles and Pedestrian

o   A traffic management plan will be in place prior to event commencing;

o   Contractors and Promoter to monitor the capabilities of the drivers permitted onsite;

o   Organiser and Contractors are to arrange the outside traffic routes and parking. Access into the Event will be controlled and Traffic Marshalls will direct vehicles to parks where applicable. A one-way system will be used where possible;

o   There is a speed restriction of 5kph on the site;

o   The public’s vehicles will be parked in a separate area away from the event so as not to obscure or create risk to participants;

o   Emergency Services access will be left clear at all times.

Swimming/ Use of Floatation Devices

o   There will be ongoing monitoring of the number of swimmers in the designated area;

o   Competent lifeguards will be monitoring the event and will provide  assistance to swimmers when needed;

o   The swimming area will be cordoned off so that lifeguards can easily monitor those within the designated area, and to restrict any vessels from entering swimming areas;

o   During the NZ Bomb competition, competent swimmers will be monitoring the event at height using the bombing platform to ensure constant visuals of members of the public swimming for the duration of the event;

o   An alert system will be agreed upon prior to the event which will be used should a member of the public need assistance.

Lake Usage

o   The lake will be open to the public and will operate as per normal on the 14th, 15th & 17th of February 2019. On the 16th of February you will need Float ticket to access the eastern beach and also the boat ramp will be closed for the day.

NZME Responsibility

1. NZME reserves the right to amend, vary, extend or discontinue a Promotion at any stage, for any reason.

2. NZME takes no responsibility for any inability to enter, complete, continue or conclude the Promotion due to equipment or technical malfunction, busy lines, inadvertent disconnection, texts with a misspelt keyword, texts to an incorrect shortcode, Force Majeure or otherwise.

3. To the fullest extent permitted by law NZME will not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever (including but not limited to direct or consequential loss) or for personal injury as a result of Promotion entry or winning the prize.

4. Where the Prize is to be supplied by an entity outside NZME control and that entity fails, for whatever reason, to supply the prize, NZME has no responsibility for the provision of the Prize and is not obliged to provide an alternative Prize or to take legal action to require the Prize supplier to provide the Prize.


5. Participation in the Event is deemed acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.